The characterization of Injection molding process depends strongly on the geometry of the mold and the properties of the injected polymer, which depend on the concrete desirable structural features of the final piece.

Currently, some software exist in the market to help the optimization of thermoplastics transformation processes at the design time, anticipating some problems in the process simulating the mold cavity filling-phase, and the subsequent behavior of the part. This can bring valuable help in the decision process related to the correct location of the injection point, or to the estimated cooling time. However, this method is limited, for instance by elements like non optimum meshing, unpredictable real mold cooling.

To overcome the above difficulties, numerous researches have been conducted in the past two decades, searching for suitable process control systems and technologies, either on-line or off-line, to achieve part quality. Some of the Des-MOLD partners have participated in those projects and thereby bring their knowledge and experience to the project, which will allow using results and solutions already available within these past projects.